Life-on-Chip: The Road from Idea to Reality

Combining human cells, mini-tissues and organs with nanotechnology, 3D-printing and artificial intelligence? Cross-over innovations leading to the development of novel, personalized medicines without the need for animal testing? A mere hypothesis? Make no mistake, we are closer than you think!

Practical information

Date: 21/02/2019 - 22/02/2019
Location: Provincial House, Provincieplein 1 3010 Leuven (Belgium)
Price: € 100 - € 150

Many other cross-over innovations are currently at different levels of technological or commercial development. ‘Life-on-Chip – The Road from Idea to Reality’ will bring testimonies of roads travelled and lessons learned by pioneering researchers, entrepreneurs and first application movers. Through a rich offering of keynote speakers, thematic sessions, prototype and product show cases and matchmaking (B2Match), the event aims to kick-start cross-over partnerships and projects to realize the full potential life-on-chip innovations, accelerating the development of personalized healthcare solutions!

Day 1 - Thursday, February 21st, 2019




Word of welcome

Tom Dehaene, Vice-Governor Internationalisation, Province of Flemish Brabant

Tom Dehaene



Jan Schrooten, Co-founder and CEO, Antleron

Jan Schrooten


Keynote 1

Prof. Dr. Koen Kas, Healthcare Futurist & Delight Thinker

Regenerating the future of healthcare

Prof. Dr. Koen Kas


Keynote 2

Liesbet Lagae, Program Director Life Science Technologies, imec

Bridging the gaps between nano, cells and applications

Liesbet Lagae




Walking dinner



Day 2 - Friday, February 22nd, 2019





Ann Schevenels, Vice-Governor Economy



Jan Schrooten, Co-founder and CEO, Antleron

Jan Schrooten


Keynote 1: The Single Cell Accelerator of VIB

Halina Novak , Technology & Innovation Manager, Flemish Institute for Biotechnology (VIB)

Halina Novak


Keynote 2: Bringing 3D-bioprinted blood vessels from the lab to the patient

James Kang, CEO en Chief Scientist, Revotek

James Kang


Keynote 3: Stem cells & Technology – Reality check from regeneration to disease modelling, drug development and drug screening

Catherine Verfaillie , KU Leuven

Catherine Verfaillie


Coffee break | B2B/One2One


Sessions series 1 | B2B/One2One


Lunch | B2B/One2One


Sessions series 2 | B2B/One2One


Coffee break | B2B/One2One






Sessions Series 1


Lab-on-Chip: lectures and pitches

Nicolas Vergauwe (miDIAGNOSTICS), Jan-Willem Hoste (MyCartis), Denis Vandormael (SIRRIS)

Session 1 focuses on the commercial maturation of Lab-on-Chip applications, being a class of devices that integrate and automate multiple, molecular biology-based laboratory techniques into a miniaturised and automated system enabling high-throughput screening. Nicolas Vergauwe's lecture: "NanoFluidic Processor: a new tool for near-patient testing"; Denis Vandormael's pitch: "Engineering for Healthcare, a focus on microfluidic chip development", Jan-Willem Hoste's lecture: "Diagnostics where you need it"


Merging Cells & Devices: lectures and pitches

Jeroen Lammertyn (MiBioS - KU Leuven), Patrik Verstreken (VIB), Elke Giets (MouSensor Europe)

Looking ahead into the future, new functionalities can be created through Lab-on-chip by inserting living cells into diagnostics devices. Adding biological functionalities, by crossing a scale of complexity when going from molecular to cellular biology, opens a wide range of applications, but also adds technological development complexity by merging living cell systems with micro devices. Patrik Verstreken's lecture: "Probing Parkinson's disease with Induced Human Microcircuits on CMOS Chips"



Sessions Series 2


Cell-on-Chip Apps: lectures and pitches

Adrian Ranga (BIOMAT Interreg), Thomas Pauwelyn (imec), Bart Landuyt (CellSine), Stefan Braam (Ncardia)

Microchips lined with living, human cells can revolutionise drug development, disease modelling and personalised medicine. When biological communication is established with a device at a single-cell or multi-cellular level, specific cell-on-chip applications, become a reality. Adrian Ranga's lecture: "On-chip Bioengineering: Biomaterials x Organoids", Thomas Pauwelyn's pitch: "Cardionostix - Cell-on-chip platform for drug testing and personalised medicine"


Towards Organ-on-Chip and Tissue Manufacturing: lectures and pitches

Christian Ramakers (Mimetas), Ute Schepers (VasQLab), Dr. A.J.M. (Janny) van den Eijnden-van Raaij (Institute for Human Organ and Disease Model Technologies)

Lab-scale cross-over between (re)generation of living cells, advanced 3d-printing technologies for building living cell structures and connecting them to semiconductor structures, opens new horizons towards organ-on-chip. These devices enable novel methodologies for testing the toxicity of new pharmaceuticals on living cells or tissues. In a next step, it will even be possible to generate new, implantable tissue structures and organs. Christian Ramakers' lecture: "Human Tissue Models for Better Therapies", Dr. Janny van den Eijnden-van Raaij's lecture: "ORCHID -Towards a roadmap and community for Organ-on-Chip in Europe", Ute Schepers' lecture: 'Organs-On-A-Chip and Artificial Intelligence Platforms In Personalized Medication Development'



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Thursday, 21th February 2019

Friday, 22nd February 2019


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